Nihon Assist Singapore Pte Ltd(以下「当社」)は、当社のウェブサイトよりお問い合わせいただいたお客様(以下「お客様」)に関する氏名・住所・電話番号・メールアドレス・会社名等の情報、ならびにその他の記述等により特定のお客様を識別できる情報 (当該情報だけでの個人識別が不可能であっても、他情報との照合が容易で、それによって 当該個人を識別できるものを含む。以下「個人情報」)を以下の項目に基づき取り扱うものとします。あらかじめご了承ください。



当社は、お客様の個人情報を、次に定める目的に利用いたします。 (1)当社が提供するサービスの利用に関する契約(以下「サービス利用契約」)の締結
(6)その他、当社がサービスを提供するために必要な目的(当社の関係会社であるSG Business Partners Pte Ltd及び株式会社ビズラボへお客様の個人情報の開示が行われた場合には、これらの関係会社によるサービスの提供に必要な目的も含みます。)




(1)お客様に個人情報の開示について同意いただいた場合(当社の関係会社であるSG Business Partners Pte Ltd及び株式会社ビズラボへの開示に対する同意を含みます。)








住所:80 Robinson Road #10-01 Singapore 068898
電話:+65 90359174
個人情報保護担当者:中川 正道



その他、当社は、個人情報の取り扱いに関し、シンガポール個人情報保護法(Personal Data Protection Act 2012, No. 26 of 2012)に基づき、必要な事項を適切に処理するものとします。


Privacy Policy

Please kindly note in advance that Nihon Assist Singapore Pte Ltd (the "Company") will handle, pursuant to the following items, information such as the name, address, phone number, email address and company name of users ("Users") who made an inquiry through the Company's website and information which enables the identification of a specific User based on other descriptions (including such information as will allow easy reference to other information and will thereby enable the identification of the specific User even if the identification of the specific User is not possible only with such information; hereinafter collectively referred to as "Personal Information").

1.Acquisition of Personal Information
The Company will acquire Personal Information based on proper means only to the extent required for attaining the purposes of use of Personal Information listed in Item 2 below.

2.Collection and Purpose of Use of Personal Information
The Company will use the Users' Personal Information for the purposes set out below: (1)execution of an agreement for using the service provided by the Company ("Service Agreement");
(2)implementation and management of the subject matter of the Service Agreement;
(3)billing of the service fee for the service provided by the Company;
(4)reception of and reply to inquiries and requests from the Users;
(5)provision of materials and information to the Users; and
(6)other purposes required for the Company to provide its services. This includes purposes required for the Related Companies of the Company (which shall mean SG Business Partners Pte Ltd and Bizlab Co., Ltd.) to provide their services if the Users’ Personal Information is disclosed to such related companies of the Company.

3.Consent to Collection and Purpose of Use of Personal Information
When a User enters one's Personal Information in the inquiry form of the Company's website and such Personal Information is sent to the Company, the Company may deem that such User has agreed to the Company collecting and using that User's Personal Information for the purposes listed in Item 2 above. Furthermore, when the Company is to use Personal Information for any purpose other than the purposes listed in Item 2 above, the Company shall separately obtain the User's consent.


4.Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information
Excluding the cases listed below, the Company will not disclose or provide a User's Personal Information to any third party:
(1)the User offered one's consent to the disclosure of Personal Information (this consent includes the one to the disclosure such Personal Information to the Related Companies of the Company); or
(2)the disclosure of Personal Information is requested by a police agency or a judicial agency such as a court, or Personal Information is to be disclosed pursuant to laws.


5.Management of Personal Information
The Company will continuously take necessary and appropriate safety control measures in accordance with the current technological level, from both a technical perspective and an organizational perspective, to prevent unauthorized access, illegal leakage, loss, destruction or falsification of Personal Information upon handling the Users' Personal Information.


6.Request for Disclosure, Correction, etc. of Personal Information
If you wish to request the Company to disclose your Personal Information or wish to request the Company to correct or delete your Personal Information after the disclosure thereof, please contact the Company. The Company will comply with your request pursuant to prescribed procedures.


If you wish to request the disclosure of Personal Information or have any comments, questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy, or otherwise wish to contact the Company regarding the handling of Personal Information, please make your inquiry to the following contact information.

Address: 80 Robinson Road #10-01 Singapore 068898
Tel: +65 9035 9174
Email: info@nas.com.sg
Data Protection Officer: Masamichi Nakagawa
(Please note that office hours will be from 10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays, Singapore time (excluding national holidays in Singapore).

8.Review and Revision
The Company will at all times review and endeavour to improve the operational status of this Privacy Policy and the handling of Personal Information. When this Privacy Policy is revised, the Company will promptly post such revision on this website.

Otherwise, the Company will properly process the requirements concerning the handling of Personal Information pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, No. 26 of 2012, of Singapore.